Updates as of 6/24/17:

Snowball Types

Elites can now change their snowball types by doing !ST 0-9 OR opening the snowball target/crosshair(Pressing T on keyboard) and picking a number from 0-9.

Updates as of 6/18/17:


The Private Messenger System now supports emojis. You can add emojis by using emoticons such as, :), :(, :-), ;) OR you can do :laughing:, :angry:, :boat:, :apple:. To explore more emojis, CLICK HERE

Updates as of 6/17/17:

The New/AS3 Client is back!

Updates as of 6/16/17:

Camera Tool

The camera tool is now added on the old client as it was only available on the new one before.

Igloo Management

You can now ban players from your igloo. Just click on an empty slot on the list and click a player in your igloo OR you can always do !iban username. There will definitely be more features to the igloo settings in the future.

Stored Messages

You can now scroll through your past messages(during the game) by clicking in the chat bar and pressing the UP arrow key or the DOWN arrow key. To clear the stored messages, just hit the E key(like an emote) on the keyboard and the V key and a notification will show.

Private Messenger

You all asked for it, we finally added it. You can now send private messages to other penguins. It's quick, easy, and designed very nicely. You can enter /PM in the chat bar and click a player to send a message to OR enter their name in the PM system.
Note: PM system will go down once in a while as we are fixing bugs to make it efficient. To delete a converstation, right click on the conversation and a prompt will show.

Please report bugs to VP Developer's Twitter.

If you do not see any new updates, or the PM system does not work, please clear your cache.